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Thursday, September 01, 2005

today sucked.i slept in my parents room yesterday night. 2 very clear reasons: i just watch the maid. my aircon broke down.

yepyep. went to watch the maid yesterday. ok so me and joy watched like 1/10 of the show. come on man. we're cowards wad. yeaaa. so it wasn't really much. but i'm sill freaked out. aleena said it was boring. joeanna fell asleep. =X yeppp. i just thought of extending my hair again. but to have to hide it and pin everything properly every morning really kills. maybe i'll wait til the holidays. =D

had tuition today. piannng. i saw a new student. ok i don't think he's new. i think it's just we went on diff days and then today i finally saw him. OMG. he's damn gay pls. yea man. tsk.


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