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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

this is random

ok. before i start writing about today.lemme add some random stuff in =D

i seriously think; aleena looks like cleopatra. just without the fringe. don't you think so? oh .i look so fugly. took this photo in the toilet just outside the pe room. =D.
don't cha find thi 'lil bunny familiar? =DDD it's that bunny from liu xing hua yuan. aha. something i bring to school to puff up by bag. =)my ipod mini. (moomoo =D) named after the momo`. =D waga. hahahahahas. cute huh? but it's kinda screwed. the back is liked scratched untill... and it konks out quite often even while its battery bar is full.

if you didn't know. i was on jobs for juniors before. =X. hahahahas. nt very accomplishing luh. but heck. =D the instructor gave me 7/10. =DDDDhahahahahas
my computer desk in my room. =))) looks funny. cause the whole thing's all cramped up. bleagh. but nvm luh. i still love it =]]]]

yet another messy shelf. srsly. my parents have been bugging me to tidy it up. just look at it. got hope meh?
teachers day. 1pr. my desk's on the front row. =X

ok. i'm tired now. maybe i'll update somemore another time. =D.goodnight ppl. tng tomorrow.


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