lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

and so. i tried to kill a spider with impulse; ice; body mist. =///

Friday, September 16, 2005

yaye. i've been amusing myself alot today. i reached home early cause my dad wanted me home. ok. i'm not sure. but it's early to me at least. =X

went down to swim. slacked. sun tanned. [ nt very obvious luh] and i studied geog while doing that too. =D. but nothing went in.

oh yea. mommy came home one day with a phone. so it turned out for me. nokia 3230. i think =DDD big phone. oh well. i still love it =D

Thursday, September 15, 2005

this week was funny. i skipped school on tues [sick] and i woke up; and i saw my mommy! ok. so i was thinking she was finally back. just then. i saw her shifting her luggage. yea. so she was travelling again.

my geog is turning bad.ok; it has all along been bad. eoys are coming. but i haven't started for geog. i mean there's fifty over chapters to study. but ashley yong hasn't started on one. very nice huh.
i hate geog.

history test was another bad one today. =///

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

damn. i'm pissed. shit. must you always be like that. hah. what ppl say was actually true, you idiot. what is freaking wrong with you?! thanks man, it was the best birthday present i ever got.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

this is random

ok. before i start writing about today.lemme add some random stuff in =D

i seriously think; aleena looks like cleopatra. just without the fringe. don't you think so? oh .i look so fugly. took this photo in the toilet just outside the pe room. =D.
don't cha find thi 'lil bunny familiar? =DDD it's that bunny from liu xing hua yuan. aha. something i bring to school to puff up by bag. =)my ipod mini. (moomoo =D) named after the momo`. =D waga. hahahahahas. cute huh? but it's kinda screwed. the back is liked scratched untill... and it konks out quite often even while its battery bar is full.

if you didn't know. i was on jobs for juniors before. =X. hahahahas. nt very accomplishing luh. but heck. =D the instructor gave me 7/10. =DDDDhahahahahas
my computer desk in my room. =))) looks funny. cause the whole thing's all cramped up. bleagh. but nvm luh. i still love it =]]]]

yet another messy shelf. srsly. my parents have been bugging me to tidy it up. just look at it. got hope meh?
teachers day. 1pr. my desk's on the front row. =X

ok. i'm tired now. maybe i'll update somemore another time. =D.goodnight ppl. tng tomorrow.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

today sucked.i slept in my parents room yesterday night. 2 very clear reasons: i just watch the maid. my aircon broke down.

yepyep. went to watch the maid yesterday. ok so me and joy watched like 1/10 of the show. come on man. we're cowards wad. yeaaa. so it wasn't really much. but i'm sill freaked out. aleena said it was boring. joeanna fell asleep. =X yeppp. i just thought of extending my hair again. but to have to hide it and pin everything properly every morning really kills. maybe i'll wait til the holidays. =D

had tuition today. piannng. i saw a new student. ok i don't think he's new. i think it's just we went on diff days and then today i finally saw him. OMG. he's damn gay pls. yea man. tsk.