lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

ok. i found out. little cousin. en`en [ethen yong you-en] fell from his house. erm. two storey high. the second storey balcony. yeah. OH MAN. how can. he's being hospitalised now. he's forever climbing up and down can. hope he's alright. and eric[younger brother] must be upset. cause en`en's not there to fight with him. and alex. [ the oldest sister.] musn't be giving a damn. i can portray her happily talking to her good friend, britany on the phone while her parents are trying to pull the phone off her. she's six.

maybe i shld fly to shanghai now. and miss school. and vist en`en. that'll be nice

hope that lil boy's allright. :))))))


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