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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

national day celebration. :)

nice short week we got here. Monday being half day, tuesday and wed are holidays. two school days left. x))) yaye. this somehow rocks. but i hate staying at home with my dad ard. =X

went to the hospital to visit mrs yeo. mt sth. and we got mixed up with mt. elizabeth. quite funny. wasted money on taxi fare. then we stonned there. hahahas. we were there for about two hours. but only 15 minutes was spent in mrs yeo's ward. =X wrong. so we entered the room with "HEY MRS YEO." dumped our bags. went downstairs for lunch. watched babies, toured the area and back up. funny visit.

then headed to cine. saw alot of sc ppl. esp seniors and aha. this jue dui superstar guy. [but he srsly looks funny] wasted time there. strolled in heeren too. placed our bags in joy's cousin/uncle's shop. then continued strolling. yep. so alot of time wasted. =X that's bad.

shld be going down to parkway soon. x) bro just showed me some rather gross black magic. shucks. yepyep. update some other time.

happy birthday singapore. x) ahhhahahas


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