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Saturday, August 20, 2005

boring sat. had tuition early in the morning. wasted my life away can. i am srsly bored. dad is out playing golf. [that is good. :))))))] then mom's back. bro's trying to make me pay half of his dice thing. you know where you use a cup and fiddle with the dice and it ends up all stacked up. yepyep.

i read charlie and the chocolate factory again. hahahahahas. but i skipped at least 7 chapters. bleagh. i want to go watch it. where's joy. we're damn slow can. we haven't watched initial d. and all the other nice shows. so movie marathon at either of our houses. soon. Then again i got bored and gave up on that book so i entertain myself with...

hahhhh. i know. but i was desperate to do sth. so today was bad. watched mr fighting again. kinda stupid show. i wanna watch all my anime again. too bad anx don't show it any more. ppl are quite slow can. tsk. i rmb watching fushigi yuugi at primary 3. and everyone's reading it now. and love hina. bro's fav. so i read it too. quite rubbish. OMTA. i love vendread. my brother made me hook onto anime songs once again.

tata[ my grandfather] just called. from my mom's voice i think sth happedn/ souds rather serious. update soon.


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