lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Monday, August 29, 2005

funny monday. I'm at home.

i'm alone at home. feels rather funny. now's 1:22 and it's quite awhile more before school dismiss at 2.30. shit. i wanna watch vandread. =X

Sunday, August 28, 2005

something nice.x)

yaye. I'm finally blogging from my own room!something i've been err. waiting for. a comp in my room. x) mommy got it for me. now i'm rather jealous cause my bro got a 17 inch screen. EH. HOW CAN.

ok. i must say my bro looks quite gd in a suite. x))) random. missed tng ystd cause my dad didn't allow me to go. phooey.
that's what i fiddlingn with. my mom think's it ugly. WHERE GOT. quite nice wad. =X it she says it looks satanic. ohwells. BUT I LIKE IT.

the baby lizard in my room is gone. WTH. now i don't know where it is.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

ok. i found out. little cousin. en`en [ethen yong you-en] fell from his house. erm. two storey high. the second storey balcony. yeah. OH MAN. how can. he's being hospitalised now. he's forever climbing up and down can. hope he's alright. and eric[younger brother] must be upset. cause en`en's not there to fight with him. and alex. [ the oldest sister.] musn't be giving a damn. i can portray her happily talking to her good friend, britany on the phone while her parents are trying to pull the phone off her. she's six.

maybe i shld fly to shanghai now. and miss school. and vist en`en. that'll be nice

hope that lil boy's allright. :))))))

boring sat. had tuition early in the morning. wasted my life away can. i am srsly bored. dad is out playing golf. [that is good. :))))))] then mom's back. bro's trying to make me pay half of his dice thing. you know where you use a cup and fiddle with the dice and it ends up all stacked up. yepyep.

i read charlie and the chocolate factory again. hahahahahas. but i skipped at least 7 chapters. bleagh. i want to go watch it. where's joy. we're damn slow can. we haven't watched initial d. and all the other nice shows. so movie marathon at either of our houses. soon. Then again i got bored and gave up on that book so i entertain myself with...

hahhhh. i know. but i was desperate to do sth. so today was bad. watched mr fighting again. kinda stupid show. i wanna watch all my anime again. too bad anx don't show it any more. ppl are quite slow can. tsk. i rmb watching fushigi yuugi at primary 3. and everyone's reading it now. and love hina. bro's fav. so i read it too. quite rubbish. OMTA. i love vendread. my brother made me hook onto anime songs once again.

tata[ my grandfather] just called. from my mom's voice i think sth happedn/ souds rather serious. update soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

i srsly screwed up my lit test. when everyone's writing more than one page. i wrote half page for 2 questions. shit. bleagh.

i'm home early today. first time for the whole week. hmm. ytd was funny. my ipod is screwed. it says there's no mroe battery when the battery bar is full. hmmmm.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

i think i'm unstable now. blah. everything's wrong. i'm fighting with my dad. mom's not in town. that sucks.

open house yesterday. little turnout ou know. =X reached school at 12. had tuition at 10-11. so. i quarelled with my dad on fri night. and fought with him on sat morning too. how nice. =X.

gimme a break.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the truth

ok. so I always thought no one visited my blog. but the counter proves still wrong. ppl actually read my blog! aha. i wonder who. anw. i'm rather amused x))) hahhhh. yaye. school starts again tomorrow. class t? hmmmm.

funny things

ok. so i just heard from cheryl that there is open house this week. shit. I don't think my tutor's gonna let me off since i already skipped the last session due to pvp. i'll just have to try my luck. dammit. then i'll have to go 3 times next week. phooey.

stupid joy. was suppose to come over but her mom didn't allow so i'm home with my bro. who very wonderfully woke up late and skipped school. real idiot. I'm hungry. I wanna eat. =X hahahhas.

outing tomorrow. tng on friday. oh yaye. i'm been thinking quite some stuff after talking to someone. this feels funny. =X

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

national day celebration. :)

nice short week we got here. Monday being half day, tuesday and wed are holidays. two school days left. x))) yaye. this somehow rocks. but i hate staying at home with my dad ard. =X

went to the hospital to visit mrs yeo. mt sth. and we got mixed up with mt. elizabeth. quite funny. wasted money on taxi fare. then we stonned there. hahahas. we were there for about two hours. but only 15 minutes was spent in mrs yeo's ward. =X wrong. so we entered the room with "HEY MRS YEO." dumped our bags. went downstairs for lunch. watched babies, toured the area and back up. funny visit.

then headed to cine. saw alot of sc ppl. esp seniors and aha. this jue dui superstar guy. [but he srsly looks funny] wasted time there. strolled in heeren too. placed our bags in joy's cousin/uncle's shop. then continued strolling. yep. so alot of time wasted. =X that's bad.

shld be going down to parkway soon. x) bro just showed me some rather gross black magic. shucks. yepyep. update some other time.

happy birthday singapore. x) ahhhahahas

Thursday, August 04, 2005

late today. first time being late. felt funny. heavyheavy rain. pe was in the hall. lousy ventilation. and we played ball games inside. could have died. played bball during recess. got seriously drenched. really badly. my uniform was darkdark blue. shivering in class pls. but i love the weather. :) then history was in com lab. froze. funfunfun.

i need to chase and go back to my innocent days. Kone. this week? hmm. stress is overloading. blahhs.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

my life's like a seasaw. really. one moment it on side was down and the other was up. now it's it other way round.

what's so wrong with me. i'm stuck. this sucks. i need a balance.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

hmm. today's first mistake. i cleared my phone's memory by accident. so ghey pls. argh. tomorrow's the start of hydroponics. eee. must stay back. nvm. guess i'll just go for tng tomorrow. x)))long waited. yaye. x)))

i srsly feels kinda funny now. when you just look back and rmb how much you hated thoes things and then now you're wanting it so badly. feels funny. i wanna play basketball. i miss leeanne. x) hahahaha. and the slacky netball tng days with miss choo. getting into trouble. Although we err. only won ONE and draw ONE. i still love you guys. hahahaha.