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Monday, July 18, 2005

harry potter? x)

firstly, i think my mom's not adapting very well with singapore. ok. she was like uhh sleeping at 6pm and then waking me up sup early at 5 plus 6. just for breakfast. pretty unusual. mommy got my harry potter book six. yaye. i'm on chapter 4. I sryly don't see a need of q-ing up for don't know how long to buy a harry potter book. I don't think they'll ever be sold out anyway cause they print alot. too much infact. I saw them selling it at caltex. abit funny huh.

today. me and joy had funny tummy. so we ended up in the sick bay. not really one actually. just that room on the left of the staff room. x) yepyep. and i'm having gastric now. shit. and i'm suppose to study lit and chi for tomorrow's test. dammit. I wanna pass this time okay. blahhs.

today was funny. i spent like thw whole day out of class and spent only a mere one hour of cme. funny day. training just ended. this is making me sad. i wanna go back to 3 taining days a week. hurmp.


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