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Thursday, July 21, 2005

blahhs. tng is canceled for tomorrow. x(
ok. so we gotta do the board cause it looks kidna funny now. hmm.

this weekw as funny. doesn't seem very right. very erm wasted? i'm not sure. =X i don't feel right lately. hurr. it's like gastric everyday. and i'm eating at realy funny times. it's like i don't feel like eating but erm. go crazy and start eating late at night. hm. sounds rather wrong.

korkor was being ncie this week. gave me a deck of of cards. [bicycle bridge 86. for card tricks.] yayae. but i haven't realy mastered anything yet. i can't even do a simple fan pls.

I'm on chapter erm 12 for the half-blood prince. x))))


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