lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

my cousins are at my hse. ok i'm trying not to be mean but. OH YUCKS. sorry. but i just can't get along with them. tsk. i can't really rmb what happened this wk though. mommy wants to change me and my bro's phone. bro wants a 3g phone. but ur no will have to start with 8. heck no. i don't wanna change my no. but mom wants to get me the motolora 3G.

geog and science. gotta mugmugmug. i'm tireeed. seriously, putting this two subjects together is reallyreallyreally. wrong.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm watching Project superstar now. and i think. that jason kinda screwed up his fast song.[ energy-- come on] really. his rap was... funny? hahhas.

yaye. sc won raffles. congrats to c'div. yaye. x))))) went to watch the match today. left school at 11.30? =) good thing. yepyep. then went to yio chu kang stadium.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

i have finished reading the half-blood prince. and the endind is weird. really. i mean usually books they would end like the trio say their goodbyes at the platform and ron'll ask harry to visit him in the summer for some reasons. but this books ends at hogwards. [if i didn't read wrongly].

Thursday, July 21, 2005

blahhs. tng is canceled for tomorrow. x(
ok. so we gotta do the board cause it looks kidna funny now. hmm.

this weekw as funny. doesn't seem very right. very erm wasted? i'm not sure. =X i don't feel right lately. hurr. it's like gastric everyday. and i'm eating at realy funny times. it's like i don't feel like eating but erm. go crazy and start eating late at night. hm. sounds rather wrong.

korkor was being ncie this week. gave me a deck of of cards. [bicycle bridge 86. for card tricks.] yayae. but i haven't realy mastered anything yet. i can't even do a simple fan pls.

I'm on chapter erm 12 for the half-blood prince. x))))

Monday, July 18, 2005

harry potter? x)

firstly, i think my mom's not adapting very well with singapore. ok. she was like uhh sleeping at 6pm and then waking me up sup early at 5 plus 6. just for breakfast. pretty unusual. mommy got my harry potter book six. yaye. i'm on chapter 4. I sryly don't see a need of q-ing up for don't know how long to buy a harry potter book. I don't think they'll ever be sold out anyway cause they print alot. too much infact. I saw them selling it at caltex. abit funny huh.

today. me and joy had funny tummy. so we ended up in the sick bay. not really one actually. just that room on the left of the staff room. x) yepyep. and i'm having gastric now. shit. and i'm suppose to study lit and chi for tomorrow's test. dammit. I wanna pass this time okay. blahhs.

today was funny. i spent like thw whole day out of class and spent only a mere one hour of cme. funny day. training just ended. this is making me sad. i wanna go back to 3 taining days a week. hurmp.