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Monday, June 20, 2005

today was funny. met shuwen at wisma for breakfast. cldn't go for tng cause i'm sick. =X. yepyep. then we sat down at macs and then to heeren for neoprints. x)x). cute machine. then went to school to get joy uh then next to fareast. but we ended in scotts. cause joy wanted macs.[she only had ez-link] then we did our homework. yaye. hahahas. but we made alot of noise tho. and joy almost punched the supervisor cause she thought i was trying to boo her. supp funny.

our fav place. that accessory shop in popular. gosh. we curse everything we see there =Xthen we went to fox to try on clothes. for fun. we were practically ransacking the whole store. hurr. so retarded. then we decided to ransack isetan. =X yepyep. lalalas.

briefing tomorrow. for the extreme captian's ball thing. x)


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