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Monday, June 13, 2005

this is somehow wrong. i like energy =X. OK. yeayea. right. didn't update for alittle while. yepyep. eee. i wanted to chase energy. but cldn't cause parents didn't allow. AT LEAST I DIDN'T LIE WHOOT. yah la.

fri. dammit. dad FORGOT about that damn press confrence. so he left out the tick and i cldn't give juu. cause i ment his colleague on sat and she was like. 'hey ashley. i thought you like energy. why u nvr go for the press confrence. we could give out.' WAHHLAO. i wanted to scream. shit.

sat. yaye. papa gave me vip passes for the yes 933 concert cause fruit tree was some presenters or sth. yaye. so wanqi and juu came along. juu was LATE. so late. hahhh. x) we somehow kept strollng around the whole area like no'one's problem. hahhh. juu felt shuang. gosh we're damn retarded. we actualyl thought of dollowing kunda to the toilet. but the red cross guy la. bluff us. =X. hahahahas. then we had to rush back cause kunda was returning. ohh.

i just found out my ex-bballer mate. IS A ENERGY FAN. X0 yayyeee


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