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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

okok. i'm missing kunda. how cann. wahhlao. i should stop being so hua xin la. oh sick. i'm stuck at home agian. and i just missed tuition cause i overslept. lousy excuse tho.

yesterday was funny. cldn't go to the airport to send energy off cause i was having tng. ya la. so went to macs. we just ate and ate and ate. hahhh. amd shuwen got rather thrilled by the kiddy rides.=Xaltho they were really old and spoiled. lalala.

headed down to orchard cause i wanted to get more energy handstraps. so i bought 2 more albums. which makes the total of 3. this is sosososo wrong. i nvr even liked 56 until this. shit. yea. after buying we went to popular. hahas. me and joy just kept laughing and critisizing everything. esp that shop that sells accesories in popular. we saw this lady buying wigs. gosh. really. why wigs. why don't she just go extend or sth. someone else hair is better than fake hair. and what happens if it drops off. that'll be amusing. x)

i'm missing sara. somehow i think m.fam talks about all the useless stuff. =X first it was telebubies. then uhh. macs? and all the stupid stuff. hahh. =X
sara's trying to be unsincere. damn her.


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