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Sunday, June 19, 2005

ok. today was funny. =X. i woke up at 11. yepyep. then went out to celebrate father's day. but hahh. i gained some stuff too. x) yaye. daddy bought me a ion brace x) lala. pink one. ok no. he wanted to get yellow or orange. but i asked for pink. pink looks kuny okaee. cause the other colours look like those livestrong bands colours. ee don't like. i love mine x). ok right. here's what it's suppose to do. cure backaches.headaches.sores.finger pains. sore neck. and stuff. cause there's magnetic substance inside. OH OK. but i'm actually believing it now. cause I have been playing the com. slouching on the bed. and my back doesn't ache. how wonderful.
thats the front x)
backk. and all the funny jap words. jap brand. x). 29.90. for a pink band. hahhh
me and my fave pink band. x) it aint a livestong band oKkkae.

then went to pay gp a visit. tata wants to get a me new cam and phone. YAYE. okok. i'm thinking of panasonic x800 or x500 x) yaye. nice phones. lalalas. cenosis show playing soon. update another time. cyaaa


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