lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Friday, June 03, 2005

oh this is going to be rubbish. =X

If the ppl you hate would die: at least 9/10 of the world
would. x)
your fav. organisation: csf.
your gossip partner: JOY KOH JIA LE of course. x)
your very bad habit: i knock out too easily.
do you forgive and forget: it seriously depends.
fav. feature about yourself: my nostrils. they're triangle.
are you a tidy person: just take a look at my room and you'll
get the and. [hurr. obviously not].
have you gone on a diet: haven't and i don't think i would.=X
wishing for now: to remain in basketball
past .present .future.: i love the present.
most convenient food for you: how about peanut butter and
what song are you listening to now: Basket Case by Greenday
Who was the first person who called you today: Joy
what did you do today: I slept and watched teevee =X
where are you now: parents room
what was the last thing that went into your mouth: sugar bread. yaye.
do you have a liking for little children: yes. x) uhh. i heartheart<3
en'en.that little cousin of mine. yaye.
do you prefer white or black: white; I'm afraid of the dark you see.
do you curse and swear: I'm an innocent kid. yaye. [ I somehow think
ppl just don't believe me]
have you chased away any tuitors: lala. PLENTY.
are you wearing shoes now: nahhhs
ice chocolate or ice coffee: ice chocolate
roses or sunflowers: both are sweet. yaye
fishes or tuna: tunatunatuna. hahhh
black pens or blue pens: black pens
dresses or skirts: skirts
lemon tea or peach tea: peach tea. x)
msn messenger or yahoo messenger: msn,
peanut or peanut butter: peanut butter.

lala. I'm ending here. cause i've really nothing to write about. so. lala. x)


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