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Thursday, June 16, 2005

it was kinda amazing cause i woke up at 8.30. well; the alarm was set at 7.30 and i dragged to 8.30. but AT LEAST I WOKE UP EARLY. gosh. first time during the hols that i woke up so early with nothing on. but i had tuition at 10. which i usually oversleep and miss everything =X HAHH.

went for tuition today. i was the earliest! yaye. tcher thought that i was gonna be late again. hahhh. then she gave me chocolates. x) hee. yepyep. and then i revised my lousy algebra. got some test when the school reopens. ISSIT? hahh. i'm not sureee. that is. then went to 7-11 to buy teens. got energy whot. then i saw kunda. plus his maggie mee hair. =X but quite shuai luh. it ain't as bad as u think ok; pan.

tian yu di's dance is so nice. whee. wahhlao. i wanna learn. x) for that kunda board. i've been working on it for erm.. 2 days? and i only sticked two energy words on two sides on the board. sheesh.

damn my left index finger is peeling. =X the skin's like peeling non-stop. how gross. =X i tried taping and plastering it. and it obvously doesn't work. stupidd. so sickk la. can someone out there tell me how to stop skin from peeling. yayee.


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