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Thursday, June 02, 2005

hurr. i just came back from the doctor's. ate my medicine. and now it's working on me. i'm feeling drowsy. yea. doc said i have throat infection. no point telling me. i don't even know what's that. so yeahhs. it doesn't really bother me. its just that i lost my voice. that sucks. now noone can talk to me on the phone to keep me company. i was just thinking that i may just update and knock out without even knowing it. =X really. i don't know why. maybe it's cause i took 3 tabs and the liquid one. uhh. i feel like slping.

i hope i can get granddad to come down tomorrow. i hate to stay alone at home. i spent most of my time slping i haven't really touched my bks and i'm suppose to study now. that sucks. i have to do well for the next exams or i'm gonna die. hurmp.

shall go slp now. tc ppl. x)


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