lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Monday, June 27, 2005

amusingly. i had to delete most of my entries. oh well. shiat. i'm gonna have to miss bbal for a month plus. =X. dad says i gotta handle my studies properly first. x(. but. at elast its only a month plus. shouldn't be that bad huh.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Music Baton from dear.grass.

Total volume of music on my computer:
2.8 GB

The last CD I bought:
energyenergyenergy!!!. finaly fantasy.

Song playing:
feel good inc. -gorillaz

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
1] Wo Men - Energy
2] Feel Good inc. -Gorillaz
3] Tian Yu Di -Energy
4] Xiao Chou Yu - XiaoZhu
5] Basket Case. - Green day

Five persons whom I'm passing the baton to:
1] juliana. ghey freak.
2] lailing.
3] jovel.
4] valvalval.
5] xiaoMIN.

Monday, June 20, 2005

today was funny. met shuwen at wisma for breakfast. cldn't go for tng cause i'm sick. =X. yepyep. then we sat down at macs and then to heeren for neoprints. x)x). cute machine. then went to school to get joy uh then next to fareast. but we ended in scotts. cause joy wanted macs.[she only had ez-link] then we did our homework. yaye. hahahas. but we made alot of noise tho. and joy almost punched the supervisor cause she thought i was trying to boo her. supp funny.

our fav place. that accessory shop in popular. gosh. we curse everything we see there =Xthen we went to fox to try on clothes. for fun. we were practically ransacking the whole store. hurr. so retarded. then we decided to ransack isetan. =X yepyep. lalalas.

briefing tomorrow. for the extreme captian's ball thing. x)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

ok. today was funny. =X. i woke up at 11. yepyep. then went out to celebrate father's day. but hahh. i gained some stuff too. x) yaye. daddy bought me a ion brace x) lala. pink one. ok no. he wanted to get yellow or orange. but i asked for pink. pink looks kuny okaee. cause the other colours look like those livestrong bands colours. ee don't like. i love mine x). ok right. here's what it's suppose to do. cure backaches.headaches.sores.finger pains. sore neck. and stuff. cause there's magnetic substance inside. OH OK. but i'm actually believing it now. cause I have been playing the com. slouching on the bed. and my back doesn't ache. how wonderful.
thats the front x)
backk. and all the funny jap words. jap brand. x). 29.90. for a pink band. hahhh
me and my fave pink band. x) it aint a livestong band oKkkae.

then went to pay gp a visit. tata wants to get a me new cam and phone. YAYE. okok. i'm thinking of panasonic x800 or x500 x) yaye. nice phones. lalalas. cenosis show playing soon. update another time. cyaaa

Friday, June 17, 2005

okok. ijue dui superstar was funny. i like wei jian and wei qiang. x) yaye. i somehow thinks weijian looks like kenji. and weiqiang looks like xiaoren =X hahhh. shuwen likes weijian too. alright. this is the umm. first time she agree's with me. really. but grace thinks they're ghey. aye! where got la. lalala. then i didn't know junyang got in for the top 24 finalists. yesss. then while watching i heard.'hong junyang. then again. i was like. "sounds damn farmiliar.=X" yeaa and it turn ed out to be the junyang that i thought of. hahahas. x).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

it was kinda amazing cause i woke up at 8.30. well; the alarm was set at 7.30 and i dragged to 8.30. but AT LEAST I WOKE UP EARLY. gosh. first time during the hols that i woke up so early with nothing on. but i had tuition at 10. which i usually oversleep and miss everything =X HAHH.

went for tuition today. i was the earliest! yaye. tcher thought that i was gonna be late again. hahhh. then she gave me chocolates. x) hee. yepyep. and then i revised my lousy algebra. got some test when the school reopens. ISSIT? hahh. i'm not sureee. that is. then went to 7-11 to buy teens. got energy whot. then i saw kunda. plus his maggie mee hair. =X but quite shuai luh. it ain't as bad as u think ok; pan.

tian yu di's dance is so nice. whee. wahhlao. i wanna learn. x) for that kunda board. i've been working on it for erm.. 2 days? and i only sticked two energy words on two sides on the board. sheesh.

damn my left index finger is peeling. =X the skin's like peeling non-stop. how gross. =X i tried taping and plastering it. and it obvously doesn't work. stupidd. so sickk la. can someone out there tell me how to stop skin from peeling. yayee.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i was just talking to pan. ahahas. i got tng tomorrow. =X yayeee. x)i'm gonna have to make the kunda board. x) yayeee

okok. i'm missing kunda. how cann. wahhlao. i should stop being so hua xin la. oh sick. i'm stuck at home agian. and i just missed tuition cause i overslept. lousy excuse tho.

yesterday was funny. cldn't go to the airport to send energy off cause i was having tng. ya la. so went to macs. we just ate and ate and ate. hahhh. amd shuwen got rather thrilled by the kiddy rides.=Xaltho they were really old and spoiled. lalala.

headed down to orchard cause i wanted to get more energy handstraps. so i bought 2 more albums. which makes the total of 3. this is sosososo wrong. i nvr even liked 56 until this. shit. yea. after buying we went to popular. hahas. me and joy just kept laughing and critisizing everything. esp that shop that sells accesories in popular. we saw this lady buying wigs. gosh. really. why wigs. why don't she just go extend or sth. someone else hair is better than fake hair. and what happens if it drops off. that'll be amusing. x)

i'm missing sara. somehow i think m.fam talks about all the useless stuff. =X first it was telebubies. then uhh. macs? and all the stupid stuff. hahh. =X
sara's trying to be unsincere. damn her.

Monday, June 13, 2005

this is somehow wrong. i like energy =X. OK. yeayea. right. didn't update for alittle while. yepyep. eee. i wanted to chase energy. but cldn't cause parents didn't allow. AT LEAST I DIDN'T LIE WHOOT. yah la.

fri. dammit. dad FORGOT about that damn press confrence. so he left out the tick and i cldn't give juu. cause i ment his colleague on sat and she was like. 'hey ashley. i thought you like energy. why u nvr go for the press confrence. we could give out.' WAHHLAO. i wanted to scream. shit.

sat. yaye. papa gave me vip passes for the yes 933 concert cause fruit tree was some presenters or sth. yaye. so wanqi and juu came along. juu was LATE. so late. hahhh. x) we somehow kept strollng around the whole area like no'one's problem. hahhh. juu felt shuang. gosh we're damn retarded. we actualyl thought of dollowing kunda to the toilet. but the red cross guy la. bluff us. =X. hahahahas. then we had to rush back cause kunda was returning. ohh.

i just found out my ex-bballer mate. IS A ENERGY FAN. X0 yayyeee

Saturday, June 04, 2005

today was so random. brother went out on his own. so i followed parents. and so they went to view cars. yeaa. really huh. i find it a waste of time. yeaas.

yaye. joy just called to say that her opposite mine. lala. yaye. hahas.

Friday, June 03, 2005

oh this is going to be rubbish. =X

If the ppl you hate would die: at least 9/10 of the world
would. x)
your fav. organisation: csf.
your gossip partner: JOY KOH JIA LE of course. x)
your very bad habit: i knock out too easily.
do you forgive and forget: it seriously depends.
fav. feature about yourself: my nostrils. they're triangle.
are you a tidy person: just take a look at my room and you'll
get the and. [hurr. obviously not].
have you gone on a diet: haven't and i don't think i would.=X
wishing for now: to remain in basketball
past .present .future.: i love the present.
most convenient food for you: how about peanut butter and
what song are you listening to now: Basket Case by Greenday
Who was the first person who called you today: Joy
what did you do today: I slept and watched teevee =X
where are you now: parents room
what was the last thing that went into your mouth: sugar bread. yaye.
do you have a liking for little children: yes. x) uhh. i heartheart<3
en'en.that little cousin of mine. yaye.
do you prefer white or black: white; I'm afraid of the dark you see.
do you curse and swear: I'm an innocent kid. yaye. [ I somehow think
ppl just don't believe me]
have you chased away any tuitors: lala. PLENTY.
are you wearing shoes now: nahhhs
ice chocolate or ice coffee: ice chocolate
roses or sunflowers: both are sweet. yaye
fishes or tuna: tunatunatuna. hahhh
black pens or blue pens: black pens
dresses or skirts: skirts
lemon tea or peach tea: peach tea. x)
msn messenger or yahoo messenger: msn,
peanut or peanut butter: peanut butter.

lala. I'm ending here. cause i've really nothing to write about. so. lala. x)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

hurr. i just came back from the doctor's. ate my medicine. and now it's working on me. i'm feeling drowsy. yea. doc said i have throat infection. no point telling me. i don't even know what's that. so yeahhs. it doesn't really bother me. its just that i lost my voice. that sucks. now noone can talk to me on the phone to keep me company. i was just thinking that i may just update and knock out without even knowing it. =X really. i don't know why. maybe it's cause i took 3 tabs and the liquid one. uhh. i feel like slping.

i hope i can get granddad to come down tomorrow. i hate to stay alone at home. i spent most of my time slping i haven't really touched my bks and i'm suppose to study now. that sucks. i have to do well for the next exams or i'm gonna die. hurmp.

shall go slp now. tc ppl. x)