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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

okaee. had the heritage tour today. I would call it rather boring. The tour guide went on talking and talking. And we seriously didn't get that she was saying. ohwell. Then we went to the eurasian community place or sth like that. shoot. then the temple and then to a church. yeahhs and that lasted from 8 to ONEEE.

took more photos in class. then joy tried cathing tadpoles frogs. how sick. really. there's like what at least fifty or more of it in the pond. Imagine them growing up into ickky frogs and hoping into class interupting lessons.

Tomorrow's structural walk. think its gonna be the same boring things again. statues huh. I shall see how interesting can that get. yaye. and there's trng tomorrow. how nice. maybe i won't sprain my ankle again. then i'll be able to play in peace. x) hohmm. I shall wait.


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