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Saturday, May 21, 2005

hurr. i'm waiting for dad to come home so i can have my dinner. he's buying backk from his club. i've decided to stop hating but my mind doesn't allow me to =X

followed mom out to run her went to have lunch and then she went to alter her clothes. had the same usual galare waffle and mom went to xue to see some accesories. the actress(cassendra) was there. hurr. wearing some chinese new year clothing. so my mom made some orderings from her. hee. her son was sup cute can. that little boy who acted as jojo. hoho. x)then went to starbucks for coffee.

home. life's boring. parents teacher meeting next week. I don't wanna die. Thank god jyeo can't come back. but she wront her comments on a piece of paper. wahlao. can't she just spare us. stupid. shit.


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