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Monday, May 23, 2005

how boring. i'm stuck at home with notign to do and i can't go out. boo. this sucks. today's vesak day hur. gosh. i don't even know what's that. oh well. at least i get to celebrate it. x) hahas. shucks. school's starting tomorrow. and there's no tng till fri which i dont think i can go. i mean ptd surely all of the tchers start complaining and then. bleahhs.

I failed 4 subjects. wahlao. I think i'm gonna die when i get back the results. just 2 more days. i wanna go out tomorrow. =X mom said she and dad plans to leave the country to bangkok without me and my brother. hur. actaully she asked if i wanted to go. naww. i rather go party and sleepover. pls luhhs. how ofthen do they ever leave me and brother in sg alone.

I was doing work today when i found out that i left my pencilcase in the com lab. this sucks too. I got all my pens inside. hump.


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