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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Went to pray to my great gramd parents. x) Really smoky there with ashes flying everywhere. Promised my grandpa that I'll go so I went. not my my brother who rather sleep. I'm nice. So had lunch came back and took a bathe. Need to go get a new pair of school shoes later. My old ones are abit gonecase as the bottoms like all flat. hehh

I finnaly found out how much I've been slacking since the year started. I'm trying to study oae. but It's hard. You know its like everytime you tell yourself you're gonna study then you'll come up with excuses like, you're tired or whot so ever. Then you'll drag and drag and drag. yea, thats what I'm doing now. Its hard to get better so I'm trying to maintain. x) I'm trying ok. =)

Shall go off and search some stuff. hopefully I can presueize myself to study like later in the night. I should stop failing tests like now. x)


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