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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I just got scolded by mom. hehh. for wasting ALOT and ALOT of bygon on a baby cockroach. tee hee. oh well. At least I killed it. x)

had training today at 8am. learned double team and others. Then rjc ppl came. yepps. Went to macs after trng. We wasted alot of time there. There were these st. margs ppl who didnt want to sit on the table beside us cause we're sc ppl. is there a problem? hehh.

met my parents and bro at parkway. Channel U was having some filming down there. strolled around and slack. Then I'm back.

gosh. I've got two tests next week and i'm not revising. I hate the way how screwed i am. but its hard to change. Joy may come over to do the project cause yeo wants it on monday and I think if we dont redo it she'll probably say we're not giving a dman about it and stuff.


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