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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ho hum. Just came home. tng todae was quite tiring. Maybe just the sprinting part. Or its just me cause I've no stamina. Really. Yeahhs. Then played match and slacked around the court. Joy rushed off after that for her tuition. hehh.

me sara and sarah then went down to orchard to watch a movie. Slacked around before we went to cineleisure to watch movie. Walked over to heeren just to waste time as the show was gonna start at erm 3.30 and it was about 2 plus. Then we were like talking rubbish and sarah peered down to lvl 1 and we saw the sec 4 seniors. hehhh. They were hmm. eating the cake at the fountain. Then we hohumm. walked down to hmv on that level. esther and kelly came in too. super funny. i coulnd't help laughing at sara. Shes's disappointed now huh. Then we left for 7-11 and we saw jiaolian, shona and charmaine. Shona turned around cause sarah called jiaolian. HEHH. so freakky can.

watched the movie and mom came to pick me up. hehh.


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