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Monday, April 04, 2005

The day turned out quite ... Miss chaim's damn reatarded prease. She made us apologise to her one by one. gosh. Really. Just we merely forgot to sign one test. Is that such a big offence? bleahhs.

Went to com lab 3 to do work but we ended up playing more than working. x). hehh. I worte a new fanfic with cheryl. hahas. yepps. Then we crapped and laughed so loudly. The other ppl in there got irritated with us. Then we headed to training. yeahhs. I think I played badly today. bleahhs. i think I play badly everyday. x). gosh. hahas.

I got 3 tests tomorrow and here I am blggong. hmm. Talking on the phone with sara now. She's complaining awhole lot of rubbish to me. HEHH. We're listing out all the stewwpidd things. I shall go studee. Update another time. x)


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