lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ho hum. Just came home. tng todae was quite tiring. Maybe just the sprinting part. Or its just me cause I've no stamina. Really. Yeahhs. Then played match and slacked around the court. Joy rushed off after that for her tuition. hehh.

me sara and sarah then went down to orchard to watch a movie. Slacked around before we went to cineleisure to watch movie. Walked over to heeren just to waste time as the show was gonna start at erm 3.30 and it was about 2 plus. Then we were like talking rubbish and sarah peered down to lvl 1 and we saw the sec 4 seniors. hehhh. They were hmm. eating the cake at the fountain. Then we hohumm. walked down to hmv on that level. esther and kelly came in too. super funny. i coulnd't help laughing at sara. Shes's disappointed now huh. Then we left for 7-11 and we saw jiaolian, shona and charmaine. Shona turned around cause sarah called jiaolian. HEHH. so freakky can.

watched the movie and mom came to pick me up. hehh.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shit. I'm still not improving in studies or whotever. Today was rather slack with only maths and lit for lesson. The rest was home ec, rap and pc. We missed science during rep. Like there was a message being passed round that there was no lesson. So now we're in deep shittt. shait.

My eyes are aching cause i'm still wearing my contacts. hehh. I'm still slacking on court. thats _______. yeahhs.

photo taking tomorrow. Bet i'll be in the front row. AGAIN. wait. Iw as in the last row last year cause it was from tallest to shortest. damn.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

something tells me i'm getting sick soon. hee. slept at 10 yesterdae and i woke up at 12 in the afternoon. No interuptions during my sleep too. how peaceful. But my mom says its rather unhealthy. Ohwells.

went out for awhile todae. hehh. Then mugged. now i'm stuck with the essay again. pangsai lahhs. i cant figure out how to connect the items together to form a mystery essay. Its's rather erm rubbishy. Really. I'm starting to think who came up with this lame activity. and its graded. How nice.

school starts again tomorrow. It's really ______ when the weekends end so fast and you know its antoher 5 days of school before another weekend. shiat. I shall continue mugging.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I just got scolded by mom. hehh. for wasting ALOT and ALOT of bygon on a baby cockroach. tee hee. oh well. At least I killed it. x)

had training today at 8am. learned double team and others. Then rjc ppl came. yepps. Went to macs after trng. We wasted alot of time there. There were these st. margs ppl who didnt want to sit on the table beside us cause we're sc ppl. is there a problem? hehh.

met my parents and bro at parkway. Channel U was having some filming down there. strolled around and slack. Then I'm back.

gosh. I've got two tests next week and i'm not revising. I hate the way how screwed i am. but its hard to change. Joy may come over to do the project cause yeo wants it on monday and I think if we dont redo it she'll probably say we're not giving a dman about it and stuff.

Friday, April 15, 2005

bleaghhs. Today was quite a bore. In com lab again, suppose to be doing prog though. x) hee. Mr Ang was acting retarded today. Telling us the meaning of 'bloody shit', 'bloody' and 'shit'. hehh. Rubbish huh. claiming that both are not vulgrities seperately. but it may be if put together. HEHH. That is my history lesson. x)

I changed seat. So rubbish. Now I'm not only front row but right infront of the whitboard. How nice. At least Joy's near me larhhs. She stole my partner, weiqin. Now i'm with alysson. freeakk. I think I'm going to be late for tuition. OH WELL.

shall go do work now. x) Havent did tuition work YET.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm sick and I missed school. x)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Went to pray to my great gramd parents. x) Really smoky there with ashes flying everywhere. Promised my grandpa that I'll go so I went. not my my brother who rather sleep. I'm nice. So had lunch came back and took a bathe. Need to go get a new pair of school shoes later. My old ones are abit gonecase as the bottoms like all flat. hehh

I finnaly found out how much I've been slacking since the year started. I'm trying to study oae. but It's hard. You know its like everytime you tell yourself you're gonna study then you'll come up with excuses like, you're tired or whot so ever. Then you'll drag and drag and drag. yea, thats what I'm doing now. Its hard to get better so I'm trying to maintain. x) I'm trying ok. =)

Shall go off and search some stuff. hopefully I can presueize myself to study like later in the night. I should stop failing tests like now. x)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

gosh. i'm currently at the computer lab now. hehh. skipped science and english. nahhs attendence wasn't important anw. x) yepps. yesterday was rubbish. sth bad happened. but not gonna really talk about it ..
shall go surf rubbish now. x)

Monday, April 04, 2005

The day turned out quite ... Miss chaim's damn reatarded prease. She made us apologise to her one by one. gosh. Really. Just we merely forgot to sign one test. Is that such a big offence? bleahhs.

Went to com lab 3 to do work but we ended up playing more than working. x). hehh. I worte a new fanfic with cheryl. hahas. yepps. Then we crapped and laughed so loudly. The other ppl in there got irritated with us. Then we headed to training. yeahhs. I think I played badly today. bleahhs. i think I play badly everyday. x). gosh. hahas.

I got 3 tests tomorrow and here I am blggong. hmm. Talking on the phone with sara now. She's complaining awhole lot of rubbish to me. HEHH. We're listing out all the stewwpidd things. I shall go studee. Update another time. x)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

bleahhs. just came back. Went to converse to get school shoes but the smallest size was 8. how sad. talking with sara on the phone now. Shes complaining eveything to me now. except ________. hmm. hahas. She didnt want me to write her name. OHWELL.

I'm on history now. Only studied for the history test. I dont find any mummifications in the textbook can! Its so crap. Mr Ang says the clue to the history test is mummifications. BLEAHHHS. Its so rubbish cann. Sigh.. School starts again tomorrow. SIGH. at leasts there's training tomorrow. lalalas.x)

shall update later. dad's coming. x(

Saturday, April 02, 2005

sighh. I'm still trying to stardee for the history test. the chaps are like damn long can. blahhs. Went for sports day yesterday. 1pr was retard. we brought face paint and stuff. i got my pompoms. hahas. found out that the milo truck broke down. >.<

aleena, thisbe, sarah, sara, joy and shuwen came over my hse yesterdae. we did alot of rubbish. watched movies and went to the toddler's area and went crazee there. then same in the aby's pool in out clothes. hahas. yepps. nth much already though. it was just rubbish. skipped tuition. cause no trning today. yepps.

shall update another time. x) shall go sleep. x)