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Saturday, March 26, 2005

missed trnging today. bahhs. Had tuition. Tuition ended at 12 plus and went to the bang before heading back home. Slacked around. It was just so boring prease. I needed some entertainment. Hahas. worked on my music. Still cant played the guitar properly. It sucks luhhs. blahhs. So i'm still on the comp since afternoon.

met leeanne at 12.25 at lido. i erm reached at 12.20 and we haven't bought tickets. But we still made it x) Show ended around 2 plus then met sarah and cheryl. felicia met us at far east. lee went to pierce her ears. hahas. i'm rather suprised she didn't swear out loud when the lady shot the gun in her ears. wow. took neos. I didn't spend alot on this outing. hehh. x) yepps. sara said she saw me at the entrance but i walked too fast fer her to catch up. OH WELL. spent to find my parents and picked up my bro from guitar lesson. headed off to swee lee to get some instrumentle stuff for bro and i went to take a look at the keyboards and guitars. My drum set is like. dusty already. bahhs. yeahhs. then went to cold storage to get food and back HOME. *sigh*..


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