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Sunday, March 13, 2005

just change my template x)

woke up at 9 plus cause dad wanted me and my bro to go to the IT show. damn boring. stuff they sold could be found anywhere and they sold same things as every other store. Then went down to the shin min chinese thingy. dad went to see his colleague who is in HSP. grass drink. eww~ Asked who i likes, sylvester or taufik. my answer amused them though x). none. cause he wanted to give me some trading cards featuring their faces. blahhs. then he gave us drinks. thank go not the grass one. who drinks grass? yepps.

then headed to converse to get my clothes. went off to register my bro for this guitar course and dad brought me to plat babll. ((whee!)) . hahas. But like all the other times, i was slacking. x).

shall update later on. need to pack for the trip. satying over at sarah's house with the other m` square. have training tomorrow. some friendly match. don't think i'll get to play anyway. I'm always screwing up everything xS.


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