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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blahhs. I’m back already x) I miss the KL trip. Hahas. The last two nights rocked. This Malay man knocking on our door after midnight. Sec 4 seniors came down x) Jazreel accompanied us. X) Juvia brought 3 penknives along [[wahhwhee!]] Then they crapped in our room while waiting for the man to come back. Hahas.

third night the sec 2s had to go for a briefing. Thought that we would be alone in the room but we had to go down to one of the seniors room. It turned out to be Yirui, Sheryl and Joan’s room but the ppl inside were sec 4s instead. Shona and Elica were sleeping on the Single bed. It’s amazing how they did it prease. Rachel and Kelly were laughing away on the double bed. Went up to get food for them as Rachel said they were hungry. Brought down a whole plastic bag of snacks and watch chu lu. aka the bian tai show. Yeahhs. Then they made a lot a lot of noise with the netballers who came in later. The sec 2s came back to escort us to our room. Yirui joined us with jazreel. Slept at 3 plus. And we MISSED THE MORNING CALL. Mrs bowness was lecturing us. Yepps. Then headed back to Singapore.

School’s gonna start on Monday. ((sigh))


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