lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

missed trnging today. bahhs. Had tuition. Tuition ended at 12 plus and went to the bang before heading back home. Slacked around. It was just so boring prease. I needed some entertainment. Hahas. worked on my music. Still cant played the guitar properly. It sucks luhhs. blahhs. So i'm still on the comp since afternoon.

met leeanne at 12.25 at lido. i erm reached at 12.20 and we haven't bought tickets. But we still made it x) Show ended around 2 plus then met sarah and cheryl. felicia met us at far east. lee went to pierce her ears. hahas. i'm rather suprised she didn't swear out loud when the lady shot the gun in her ears. wow. took neos. I didn't spend alot on this outing. hehh. x) yepps. sara said she saw me at the entrance but i walked too fast fer her to catch up. OH WELL. spent to find my parents and picked up my bro from guitar lesson. headed off to swee lee to get some instrumentle stuff for bro and i went to take a look at the keyboards and guitars. My drum set is like. dusty already. bahhs. yeahhs. then went to cold storage to get food and back HOME. *sigh*..

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blahhs. I’m back already x) I miss the KL trip. Hahas. The last two nights rocked. This Malay man knocking on our door after midnight. Sec 4 seniors came down x) Jazreel accompanied us. X) Juvia brought 3 penknives along [[wahhwhee!]] Then they crapped in our room while waiting for the man to come back. Hahas.

third night the sec 2s had to go for a briefing. Thought that we would be alone in the room but we had to go down to one of the seniors room. It turned out to be Yirui, Sheryl and Joan’s room but the ppl inside were sec 4s instead. Shona and Elica were sleeping on the Single bed. It’s amazing how they did it prease. Rachel and Kelly were laughing away on the double bed. Went up to get food for them as Rachel said they were hungry. Brought down a whole plastic bag of snacks and watch chu lu. aka the bian tai show. Yeahhs. Then they made a lot a lot of noise with the netballers who came in later. The sec 2s came back to escort us to our room. Yirui joined us with jazreel. Slept at 3 plus. And we MISSED THE MORNING CALL. Mrs bowness was lecturing us. Yepps. Then headed back to Singapore.

School’s gonna start on Monday. ((sigh))

Sunday, March 13, 2005

just change my template x)

woke up at 9 plus cause dad wanted me and my bro to go to the IT show. damn boring. stuff they sold could be found anywhere and they sold same things as every other store. Then went down to the shin min chinese thingy. dad went to see his colleague who is in HSP. grass drink. eww~ Asked who i likes, sylvester or taufik. my answer amused them though x). none. cause he wanted to give me some trading cards featuring their faces. blahhs. then he gave us drinks. thank go not the grass one. who drinks grass? yepps.

then headed to converse to get my clothes. went off to register my bro for this guitar course and dad brought me to plat babll. ((whee!)) . hahas. But like all the other times, i was slacking. x).

shall update later on. need to pack for the trip. satying over at sarah's house with the other m` square. have training tomorrow. some friendly match. don't think i'll get to play anyway. I'm always screwing up everything xS.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

woke up quite early today cause the ironing lady came and no one was there to open the door.. blehhs. so I had to do it in the end. Slcaked around read the newspapers ((YES I DO READ THE PAPERS)). came on comp and got scolded. crap.

met aleena, cherly, michelle and joy at acs barker. the carnival was damn boring prease. I'm serious. The games were boring. But we saw these two primary school kids fighting. so it's like "i punch you and u punch me. I kick you and you kick me back." yeahhs. they stopped only when this sec guy came to stopp them.

shall stopp here. going off tomorrow. to buy stuff for the trip. update another time x)

_________. go and die prease.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

oh shit. i dont wanna go to school tomorrow. blahhs. 4 more days till the end of this week. I'm suffering. x) .

yeahhs. please get well x)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

It's been 2 days since I came back from malacca.
blahhs i only enjoy the nights where we would partee and stuff. Now it feels so boring so be alone in my bedroom trying to sleep. malacca was okay. But i hated some places which was such a bore.

tomorrow's just another typical school day. *sigh* The only thing that makes me go school is training. I can't stand sitting through those long hours on my desk trying to concentrate when the lessons are so boring.
mom needs the comp. shall write some other time.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i wanna bring these caps for the malacca trip x)
my wonderful bag. bahhs. don't reali like the colour matching though. but nvr mind x)
need to go malacca tomorrow x) I'm not very erm.. excited about it tho. bahhs.

Went out with joy, aleena and shuwen. orchard, far east. than walked around orchard with granpa and them x). grandpa treated all of us to yummy food. then bought my stuff and headed home. grandpa was suppose to buy me a camera if my dad din't . but sadly he did. . oh well.
shall go bathe and prepare for tomorrow.