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Saturday, February 12, 2005

valentine's day is coming. ekkies. Shloud be going out with joy to get the presents. blehhs. I know we're rather late =)
Today was boring. Went to sim-lim in search for my camera. But couldn't find the one I wanted and my dad's not very willing to get me an expensive camera. He thinks I'll lose it within a month. oh well. okeash.

currently waiting for my kfc and pizza hut orders to come. both my parents are out. leaveing me and my bro at home alone. So we have to order food cause it's no way we are cooking. If I'm not wrong, half an hour has passed and I don see my food. blehhs. Shall get back to valentine's day subject. We cant go out cause there's basketball on monday which is also valentine's day.

I want the malacca trip to come quickly. Alright. I don't think I've ever left Singapore without my parents. I'm dependant ... It's so true. Here's me and Joy's plan.

the day before the trip: joy comes to my house and she keeps her clothes with me while I throw all all my tibits, toys and all the crap yepps crap. yeahhs. its to parrtehh. But I dont really think this parrtehh thing is going to succeed for ppl who wants to come to our dear room as miss audrey tan is strolling around at night. But it should be fine cause the hotel room has DOORS.
kfc and pizza hut is here. shall update when i finish my pasta and chicken. =_)


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