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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ok~ I don't feel high.
Ok It's just that I'm tired. No It's not that I don't like Huaien*winkx*

finished school at 10. but stayed back for awhile just to chat with people. I didn't go visit mrs eu. =P Next met juu at mac all the way at king albert park. yeash. felt sho extraded cause her other friends were there. think I was the only scgs soul there. Then after we crapped enough at mac headed down to far east to meet elaphant =) yepps. Then deon came. Everyone when to get her bag with her. Then the moment came prease~ It was suppose to make us happy. OK at least make us HIGH for awhile. Entered Roxy then elaphant stated calling huaien. [piggy-wiggy] Then he was like who are you to elaphant which makes it crap obvious WHYN WU HUAIEN [piggy-wiggy] is sleepy. Then me and Juu wished him happy new year. stewpidd idiot din wish us back I feel like strangling him. bahhs. yeahhs.

went to go find jayy-mee-aye-mee in far east. She was in this unknown shop called constant craving ok at leasts its unknown to us cause we don't know where it is.We chalked alot of crap which attracted alot of unwanted attention *koffs* yeahhs the went to burger king cause jayy-mee-aye-mee didn't want us to embarass her. gee. yeahhs

Jay-mee-aye-mee's all depressed now cause she was too shy to chalk to her darling. oh wells. don worry=P you'r darling knows u at least =) took neos. crapped and it was time for me to go home nehhs =)

the dinner was screwed up prease. Had mine in Carlton Hotel. The orders were screwed up. Their setting were screwed up too. bahhs. baby cousin of mine was cutee. hahas. yeahhs. shall stop here. I wanna sleep. =P


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