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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Just came back from an outing with my dad. had to go out to get more coke cause me and my brother kept finishing it. bought 3 cartons in the end. Chinese New Year's approching. I'm happy. hahas. Bought a total of 8 new clothings. Wore 2 BEFORE NEW YEAR. okiex. bahhs. that doesn't matter. Next went round scrolling for shoes. bought a ring and clips. gee I love my ring. Its a blue star that changes colour. But I'm not sure due to what. changes into shades of dark blue, light blue, bluish-green, purpls and erm purple-green? hahas. bahhs.
I love basketball training although I admit it's tough. It is. Was quite against it before. But Kinda got used to it now. =P
Heard from dad that my relatives from my mom's side are coming. shat. I DON'T LIKE THE KIDS. really. I mean who would. Years ago when I was just a innocent little kid that. my stewpig cousin would come and take my toys away. Now as a teenager [she's still a kid] IF she takes my cds away i will kill her prease. bahhs.
shall end HERE.
happiie new year ppl!=P


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