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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm back to normal me. At least I think so.
Need a camera for literature. oh well. It ain't my fault If I fail it *shrugs*

Yesterday was crap. The life-skill thingy. We have so damn little short time. Went to get keychains from the bookshop and stewwpidd joy and cheryl went back to change it sho many times. Cheryl extra " Aunty, How come her keychain has more glitter than me?" Its crapp prease. wahhlao. Then Aleena said sth real crap alltho we laughed like crazii peepos in the canteen. "You ring the doorbell like crazy and then stand abit further away. When the man comes out and scold you.'oie, why you playing with my doorbell.' 'the man just ran than way~' Sorry. But I'm rather amused with it.

bahhs. Lim SK is crazzi. made me stay behind to copy a whole paragraph just wecause I forgot to bring my homework. Maybe twice. But she let me off early cause my work was N.E.A.T. bahhs. Shall go sleep now. x) *muacks*


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