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Sunday, February 06, 2005

currently abusing the use of MSN with alina. HAHA
we're having fun prease! have dinner later with my whole famly.[dad's side]
and its at 8.30 which means it would end LATE. erm *coughs* it's like I have school tomorrow. gee.

YEahhs. Tomorrow's a Monday which mean. I HAVE BASKETBALL TRAINING. I lurve it [although its tough] yeahhs. I want Tuesday to come quickly. Going out with joy to get clothes and shoes. Oh yeahhs. and She wants to cut her hair too. Dad was suppose to bring me out today to get shoes but he's too lazy. so He says he'll give me the $$ and asked me to go buy it on Tuesday when I go out.

School ends at 10am on Tuesday. I don't feel like taking neos. bahhs. Think I'll be spending alot again. *sigh*It's time I learn to save. my ring changed colour again. [ok thats random] It's light blue now.



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