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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

bahhs. had new year visinting todae~currently at cousin's house. Hopefully I can stay up tonight. =P The new year prog on mediacorp was boring .
Started the day at 10am in my grandparents house (dad's side). Honestly I prefer my dad's side rather than my mom's :) hahas. Collected my dear hong baos. seem lesser this time. bahhs. yeahhs~ had breakfast and started to move around the house for a long long time. Its always the same thing every year in my grandparents house for breakfast. But bleahhs. I'm ok with it. Cause it's only once a yeasr *smilex*

My dreaded time starts after i took off my shoes and entered my grandparents of my mother's side. bahhs. firstly the place is crappifiying dirty. eww~ then the noise kills. It's worse than my class. And I'm sho unknwon dere. ITS A GOOD THING. [dad just came past and saw what I typed. shall not type any thing bad in this entry*innocent*] Was chatting with a lady beside me. chalked about what band I liked. She looks like Ella from S.H.E though. Then a question popped up in my mind. how am i related to her??? I asked my dad if shew as my aunt or cousin. bahhs. claims to be cousin> rights~. sat down and started being a loner. kept quiet and listened to sixplus. my darlling band~ hahas. i think guanding rocks. *winks* yeahhs. aunty came and started chalking about me and my bro plus their lecture. *rolls eyes* Ok shall forgive them on the account of the hong bao they gave me. [shall check the amt] sat there for about 2 to 3 hours. Time passed slowly. gee. I like listened to sixplus album over and over again but time still passed slowly.

reached my grand uncle's house. got more hong baos! But I don't know how I'm related to soem ppl too. I got an indian Uncle. once again. I don't know how I'm related to him. the connections are just sho chim. yeahhs. then sat in my uncle's room and afew adults plus me, my bro and another cousin sat in the room and everyone started chalking. my parents seems deprived over kids. =) thats random. followed my uncle to his house first cause my parents wanted to sit longer. Ok sho here I am. =) shall update later if I can stay up. sucha a long update and relatives are looking at my update. sho there aint anything bad. *innocent angel smile.*


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