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Saturday, February 12, 2005

ashley's sef intro.

name: ashley
date of birth: 8 september 92
zodiac: monkey
starsign: virgo

the things I love
food: ice-cream
drink: coke!
((I'm like DDWHO who loves drinking not like stewpidd ahwen who collects))
idol: guanding.
subject: none
collects: hats and accessories
colour: pink((its not beembo))
country: I'm not biased. The whole world's okay
person: MYSELF. (ekkies))
display items: stuff that looks nice although has no use off
teevee prog: anything that is nice and features guanding.
teacher: none
sports: basketball

the stuff i hate
food: some vegtables
drink: wine and beer
idol: I shall shuddup about this question.
colour: brown
country: I'm not biased like said
person: some lame peeps in school. And those who I can't stand one look at. ((opps))
display items: those that I think looks horrid
teacher: plenty
teevee prog: those long winded dramas and those that has cast crying non stop.
sports: running

reporter: ashley
guest: ashley
photographer: ashley
make up: ashley
mag: forevera-dream


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