lalala. i heartheart* youu.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

bahhs. nothing realli interesting happened nowadays.
sc lost to rg. bahhs. its crap. they won within the last few minutes.

everything's fine now x)
I'm freaked out with the malacca hotel.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm back to normal me. At least I think so.
Need a camera for literature. oh well. It ain't my fault If I fail it *shrugs*

Yesterday was crap. The life-skill thingy. We have so damn little short time. Went to get keychains from the bookshop and stewwpidd joy and cheryl went back to change it sho many times. Cheryl extra " Aunty, How come her keychain has more glitter than me?" Its crapp prease. wahhlao. Then Aleena said sth real crap alltho we laughed like crazii peepos in the canteen. "You ring the doorbell like crazy and then stand abit further away. When the man comes out and scold you.'oie, why you playing with my doorbell.' 'the man just ran than way~' Sorry. But I'm rather amused with it.

bahhs. Lim SK is crazzi. made me stay behind to copy a whole paragraph just wecause I forgot to bring my homework. Maybe twice. But she let me off early cause my work was N.E.A.T. bahhs. Shall go sleep now. x) *muacks*

Saturday, February 12, 2005

ashley's sef intro.

name: ashley
date of birth: 8 september 92
zodiac: monkey
starsign: virgo

the things I love
food: ice-cream
drink: coke!
((I'm like DDWHO who loves drinking not like stewpidd ahwen who collects))
idol: guanding.
subject: none
collects: hats and accessories
colour: pink((its not beembo))
country: I'm not biased. The whole world's okay
person: MYSELF. (ekkies))
display items: stuff that looks nice although has no use off
teevee prog: anything that is nice and features guanding.
teacher: none
sports: basketball

the stuff i hate
food: some vegtables
drink: wine and beer
idol: I shall shuddup about this question.
colour: brown
country: I'm not biased like said
person: some lame peeps in school. And those who I can't stand one look at. ((opps))
display items: those that I think looks horrid
teacher: plenty
teevee prog: those long winded dramas and those that has cast crying non stop.
sports: running

reporter: ashley
guest: ashley
photographer: ashley
make up: ashley
mag: forevera-dream

valentine's day is coming. ekkies. Shloud be going out with joy to get the presents. blehhs. I know we're rather late =)
Today was boring. Went to sim-lim in search for my camera. But couldn't find the one I wanted and my dad's not very willing to get me an expensive camera. He thinks I'll lose it within a month. oh well. okeash.

currently waiting for my kfc and pizza hut orders to come. both my parents are out. leaveing me and my bro at home alone. So we have to order food cause it's no way we are cooking. If I'm not wrong, half an hour has passed and I don see my food. blehhs. Shall get back to valentine's day subject. We cant go out cause there's basketball on monday which is also valentine's day.

I want the malacca trip to come quickly. Alright. I don't think I've ever left Singapore without my parents. I'm dependant ... It's so true. Here's me and Joy's plan.

the day before the trip: joy comes to my house and she keeps her clothes with me while I throw all all my tibits, toys and all the crap yepps crap. yeahhs. its to parrtehh. But I dont really think this parrtehh thing is going to succeed for ppl who wants to come to our dear room as miss audrey tan is strolling around at night. But it should be fine cause the hotel room has DOORS.
kfc and pizza hut is here. shall update when i finish my pasta and chicken. =_)

I'm not in a very good mood now.
yesterday was worse prease.

talked to juu till 2am around there before I became tired. sorry juu~ =_)
hope you enjoyed ur coke. hahas. Woke up at 11.30. ate my breakfast on the computer. alright. I seem so adicted. ekk.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Just came back from basketball training. Its was quite OK.
Wanteed to skip school today. But didn't cause knew we were going to sing sixplus my darling band song. That was my MOTIVATION to go to school, believe that.
during recess practiced chinese talentime. The other class was trying irritate us. bahhs. We're doing Cest`si Bon. But you know the two JOY's are spoiling the song. hahas.
I'm staing up tonight. Shall update then.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

bahhs. had new year visinting todae~currently at cousin's house. Hopefully I can stay up tonight. =P The new year prog on mediacorp was boring .
Started the day at 10am in my grandparents house (dad's side). Honestly I prefer my dad's side rather than my mom's :) hahas. Collected my dear hong baos. seem lesser this time. bahhs. yeahhs~ had breakfast and started to move around the house for a long long time. Its always the same thing every year in my grandparents house for breakfast. But bleahhs. I'm ok with it. Cause it's only once a yeasr *smilex*

My dreaded time starts after i took off my shoes and entered my grandparents of my mother's side. bahhs. firstly the place is crappifiying dirty. eww~ then the noise kills. It's worse than my class. And I'm sho unknwon dere. ITS A GOOD THING. [dad just came past and saw what I typed. shall not type any thing bad in this entry*innocent*] Was chatting with a lady beside me. chalked about what band I liked. She looks like Ella from S.H.E though. Then a question popped up in my mind. how am i related to her??? I asked my dad if shew as my aunt or cousin. bahhs. claims to be cousin> rights~. sat down and started being a loner. kept quiet and listened to sixplus. my darlling band~ hahas. i think guanding rocks. *winks* yeahhs. aunty came and started chalking about me and my bro plus their lecture. *rolls eyes* Ok shall forgive them on the account of the hong bao they gave me. [shall check the amt] sat there for about 2 to 3 hours. Time passed slowly. gee. I like listened to sixplus album over and over again but time still passed slowly.

reached my grand uncle's house. got more hong baos! But I don't know how I'm related to soem ppl too. I got an indian Uncle. once again. I don't know how I'm related to him. the connections are just sho chim. yeahhs. then sat in my uncle's room and afew adults plus me, my bro and another cousin sat in the room and everyone started chalking. my parents seems deprived over kids. =) thats random. followed my uncle to his house first cause my parents wanted to sit longer. Ok sho here I am. =) shall update later if I can stay up. sucha a long update and relatives are looking at my update. sho there aint anything bad. *innocent angel smile.*

ok~ I don't feel high.
Ok It's just that I'm tired. No It's not that I don't like Huaien*winkx*

finished school at 10. but stayed back for awhile just to chat with people. I didn't go visit mrs eu. =P Next met juu at mac all the way at king albert park. yeash. felt sho extraded cause her other friends were there. think I was the only scgs soul there. Then after we crapped enough at mac headed down to far east to meet elaphant =) yepps. Then deon came. Everyone when to get her bag with her. Then the moment came prease~ It was suppose to make us happy. OK at least make us HIGH for awhile. Entered Roxy then elaphant stated calling huaien. [piggy-wiggy] Then he was like who are you to elaphant which makes it crap obvious WHYN WU HUAIEN [piggy-wiggy] is sleepy. Then me and Juu wished him happy new year. stewpidd idiot din wish us back I feel like strangling him. bahhs. yeahhs.

went to go find jayy-mee-aye-mee in far east. She was in this unknown shop called constant craving ok at leasts its unknown to us cause we don't know where it is.We chalked alot of crap which attracted alot of unwanted attention *koffs* yeahhs the went to burger king cause jayy-mee-aye-mee didn't want us to embarass her. gee. yeahhs

Jay-mee-aye-mee's all depressed now cause she was too shy to chalk to her darling. oh wells. don worry=P you'r darling knows u at least =) took neos. crapped and it was time for me to go home nehhs =)

the dinner was screwed up prease. Had mine in Carlton Hotel. The orders were screwed up. Their setting were screwed up too. bahhs. baby cousin of mine was cutee. hahas. yeahhs. shall stop here. I wanna sleep. =P

Monday, February 07, 2005


Had dinner with some unknown ppl yesterday. OK I can't use the word unknown because my parents claim that I'm related to them. gee. The dinner was suppose to start at 8.30. It is already late to have dinner at that time please. and some guest [my grandfather's sister's husband's son's wife.. sth like that] was LATE. so it started at 9.15. It is seriously late to start a dinner that this time. bahhs.

Am I great or am I great? I skipped school today. hahas. But I wanna go play basketball. bahhs. Have new year celebration tomorrow in school. Then going out. Only the going out part makes me wake up tomorrow. gee. Shall end here cause I wanna sleep. =P

Sunday, February 06, 2005

currently abusing the use of MSN with alina. HAHA
we're having fun prease! have dinner later with my whole famly.[dad's side]
and its at 8.30 which means it would end LATE. erm *coughs* it's like I have school tomorrow. gee.

YEahhs. Tomorrow's a Monday which mean. I HAVE BASKETBALL TRAINING. I lurve it [although its tough] yeahhs. I want Tuesday to come quickly. Going out with joy to get clothes and shoes. Oh yeahhs. and She wants to cut her hair too. Dad was suppose to bring me out today to get shoes but he's too lazy. so He says he'll give me the $$ and asked me to go buy it on Tuesday when I go out.

School ends at 10am on Tuesday. I don't feel like taking neos. bahhs. Think I'll be spending alot again. *sigh*It's time I learn to save. my ring changed colour again. [ok thats random] It's light blue now.


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Just came back from an outing with my dad. had to go out to get more coke cause me and my brother kept finishing it. bought 3 cartons in the end. Chinese New Year's approching. I'm happy. hahas. Bought a total of 8 new clothings. Wore 2 BEFORE NEW YEAR. okiex. bahhs. that doesn't matter. Next went round scrolling for shoes. bought a ring and clips. gee I love my ring. Its a blue star that changes colour. But I'm not sure due to what. changes into shades of dark blue, light blue, bluish-green, purpls and erm purple-green? hahas. bahhs.
I love basketball training although I admit it's tough. It is. Was quite against it before. But Kinda got used to it now. =P
Heard from dad that my relatives from my mom's side are coming. shat. I DON'T LIKE THE KIDS. really. I mean who would. Years ago when I was just a innocent little kid that. my stewpig cousin would come and take my toys away. Now as a teenager [she's still a kid] IF she takes my cds away i will kill her prease. bahhs.
shall end HERE.
happiie new year ppl!=P