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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Went out to celebrate joy's birthdae. blehhs
Met cheryl first at great world city. That place is seriously very very boring kaesh.
Then leeanne and sarah came after that. We'are suppose to meet earlier to what you may call 'surprise' joy. blahhs. it was lame. wahhas. Went to get candles for the cake. Cause felicia was getting the cake. But it turned out rather small. I mean it was only A piece of cake. we kinda EXPECTED a whole cake tho. but nevermind. then we stuffed the small pathetic piece of cake with 13 candles. yeahss. 13 candles. believe that. It became all waxy and we forced joy to eat it.
Next we headed for the arcade. spent quite alot there. played games to get tickets. realli. the baby basketball was super easy. I mean the creater was kinda stewpidd to use censor to count the points. cause me and joy either kept on taking out hands in and out of the basket or slammed in againts the ground inside the basket which it ended up boucing and earning points by itself. bahhs
headed for far east. to take neos and get caps. wahhlao damn sway prease. met that stewpidd prefect in my school. wahhlao ga lao sai. me and joy can't stand her ok. whole day go around booking ppl. I hope she gets sacked ok. blahhs. sho unlucky to see her outside school. Went to collect our caps. and take neos. wanted to get rings but they all turned out not nice. blehhs.
shall update to here. blehhs.


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