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Friday, January 14, 2005


blehhs.. had basketball again today. Learned how to do lay-ups[sth lyddat] I seriously think the other sarah is anti-social. bahhs. Thats what everyone says too.

Joy was once again sick and she skipped school. Chatted with Mrs Eu. She was talkign about Joy. saying that she was realli erm what larhhs. to eat food, drink milo and run two rounds. plus she laughs while she runs. So air goes in. Yeahs. and in the end, Joy started vomiting.

I'm all sticky now. Need to go bathe soon. Still have netball matches tomorrow. the carnival thing. Yeahs. the onli sec ones. Bahhs. Me and Cherrie don'e realli wanna go, but realli, I won't go if Joy doesn't . Anyway we're bound to lose. I mean, They're towering over us. bahhs.


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