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Sunday, January 23, 2005

the song my machi didi is playing again repreatedly. giving me the same feeling which i had whenever i stayed up alone in my spooky hall. But it wasnt that bad. with some light on and music on but not too loud. not wanting to wake the whole house up. scrolled aroung the world wide web while i waited for some 'VIPs' to come online. yeahhs. I hope I can stay up tonight. It's abit crazy tho. I mean. i have school tomorrow. i could do that if i want to kill myself tomorrow. blehhs.

My parents are out on a movie. They wanted to go watch 'let's dance.' but me and my brother wasn't interested. so we stayyed at home. Everyone's not online. I think it's all energy's fault. blehhs. they should be at the zoo. ah ming's one lucky monkey. HAHA. realli kaesh. regretting I'm not in J8. i wanna see fiiohhna dearrie. blehhs. I need to get the disk from jamie which has full of fiona's photos. Waiting for my parents to come back so i can go buy my clothes. blehhs. shall be guai and go do my work first.

ramdom sentence: i hate school.


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