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Thursday, January 27, 2005

oh shit i'm feeling so &*(& now and I feel like slapping that person. blehhs. I wanted to blog all the crap but I'm depressed nw. oh shit.

oh wells. he's ignoring me.

extra words :)

pyramid.= paramid. it was joy's lame way of pronoucing. cause Alina's a egyptian. then she was like 'alina! do you stay in a paramid.

pyramids are made of stone not sand. that is esther's stewpidd saying. its like so dortx larhhs. then what u can stick ur finger in and the thing collasps? blehhs

arabic not Egypt. joy asked alina"do you learn egypt" its arabic not egypt. blahhs.

Esther's damn thick-skinned can! she was asking 'what CCA should I join? netball or should I go ask the choir teacher for one more chance' its like wahhlao . and she sang if i was invisable. blehhs.

i'm too #&@#*) to blog. *strangles mr. bat*


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