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Thursday, January 20, 2005

alrites. I'm still coughing. I left my basketball in school. Its such a hassle to bring it back home. School was quite amazing today although we missed gym. blehhs. got booked again, for wearing uniform. it was by ACCIDENT. blehhs. anyway I'm sick kaesh.
Then went to the lab to decorate our class board. Was actually hoping to learn stuff on computer studies instead on decorating. .. blehhs. yeahhs. But me and joy spent most of the time playing while shuwen left us alone. Honestly. that was peace that we haven't enjoyed in awhile. hahas. irritated val,joywang and xiaomin with out lame stuff. cause Joy thought of pork as the main subject. So i became, 'pork,bak gua and porkfloss' realli damn funny kaesh. Then chose joanna as our 2nd target. So we asked bok how to irritate her. and bok was saying what 'say derrick! she likes him' yeahhs and joeanna was behind her. yeahhs. so she got hell after that. I thought only such coincidences happen in dramas.
I wanna go sleep.


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