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Thursday, December 09, 2004


heh.. I like my new haircut. *bleahs.* jamie's one rox big time. It's so like wang renfu. Think I'll upload da pics if i can use da scanner. Really, that hairsylist is realli pro`ed. You ask him for this hairstyle and he does it for you soo identically.

Woke up at 7 today to get cash from my dad. Its like so unbelievable, I'm awake at this time during the holidays. Met Jamie and juu. at scotts. Jamie's a LCPIG. we were suppose to meet at 12 and she was still sleeping at 11.15. *bleahs* But thank god all of us arrived at the same time. Went for lunch before heading to the saloon. juu was like jump jump jump. on the escalator and it suddenly stopped kaesh. and I feel down. But it wasn't that bad larhs. Just tripped. So me and Jamie concluded that juu was the cause of the whole thing. =)

Went to get coke while waiting for Jamie and juu to finish their food. I was at my grandparents hse before that and he was stuffing me with too much food. [feel like throwing up] Then I tired using coke to make teh tarik and the table ended up having drops of coke everywhere.

Fianlly made our way to the saloon. juu was rebonding. So it'll take super long. Was actually suppose to do extentions only[purple and light blonde] but i decided to but as my hair was realli messy =)

Went to make caps. It's nice nehhs. =) we were writing our names to give to the lady who was doing the caps and juu put juu. me=ash. and jamie was jam. then juu was like " I want a DOT!" yeahs than me and jamie went to request for a dot too. Then the lady was like "jam?" Jamie. we told her. "Why put jam? jamie swee [sweet i think] larhhs.. kanasai." and all for us started laughing once we heard kanasai. The whole shop was like starring at us. Bleahs. Those malay shopkeepers were nice. =)

gtg pack my luggage. Going to da airport to [fetch qjl ppl, fetch panweibo.] and going back at night to catch a flight. =)


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