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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ah wen~!

Okiex. I'm super high now. Juu wan't allowed to use the computer so I stayed up alone. Its so surprising. I stayed up till 5. Which was quite amusing cause everytime I talk to juu on the phone at night, I'll knock out earliest my 1 am.

Juu was suppose to stay up with miie kaesh. Cause I wanted to wait for ah`wen. That dude. Was chatting with him at 5 plus 6 then he said he needs to go do something and will be back very soon. He came back online at 3 am ok. So crap. very fast huh. Then we went on chatting till 5 am cause he needed to catch some sleep. Yeahs. He's sucha a nice guy.


Changed my layout. I prefer this. I think I look so innocent in that profile photo. Hahas. But it was taken today. Not many many years ago ok. Shall update later. I'm gonna stay up again. That is IF I get to use the computer =)


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