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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

liu jia `6 plus

skipped tuition just to go airport with juu =)

liu jia`six plus.. they were damn late lorx. but its okayy.. hahas
Din know who they were at first and juu kept going 'xiao ren's so shuai~!' and i went on with 'who is xiaoren' and they didn't have a photo of him so i went round pointing to everyone. then I went to ah`wen and pointed at him going "xiaoren?" then he looked at me and went 'bu shou hor.." [not farmiliar with the names and ppl. heh
But i think he's the most friendly among the whole liu`jia.

ah wen~! i think I look horrid in this pic.

DD`who.. he looks weird .. okiex.. I shan't be bad.. His name's on his cap. =)

[Took with XiaoRen but juu don't wanna send the photo to me. So its ok. Shall leave it blank =)]

juu said ah wen got a schok when he found out I was standing next to him.. heh.
They took super long just to check in and go into the departure hall. Yeah then xiaoren kept on eatting lollipops. At the rate he's going he'll have diabeties. He ate two at one go. And according to juu he's been eating lollipops . hahas

Ah wen just ran out of the check in point to the toilet and within minutes, he appeared back in dere again. And me and juu was like 'did u see him leave da toilet?' heh

Then finally they went in. So i just waited behind the glass pannel waving to ppl. and yijie and juu was like "ah wen's waving to you."



I think I should go buy liu jia` 6 plus CD, soon~


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