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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Got back my results already. Not very satisfied with it.. Thank god I didn't really get killed. I think this is going to be a meaningless blog. hahas

I've been rather civilized lately. I mean, I'm actually reading. No not fanfics and chinese idols stuff.bleahhs Yeahs..

I think I broke my phone conversation records. I mean with juu around it's hard to not call her. An average of 8 hours a day. When we'are not at school that is. Talked to juu till 3.30 pluss yesterday nite. Then slept untill 11. My mom came knocking on my and my bro's bedroom door claiming that she has such a weird family. guessed my brother played till morning too. hehhs.

Again, my parents are planning a holiday. Late huh? While ppl are already collecting their tickets, my parents are still busy planning. Was actually wishing that I could leave on the same day as weibo and come back on the same day as energy. But juu insisted that I'll have jet lack if that ever happens. =P

I'm officially a energy fan. juu was telling me about sum loogene person. nahs, I'm not interested in knowing about her.. juu went on with 'ash, you're damn zi kua. In other words she's saying I keep on praising myself.. hahhas..

Stupid chinese MTV keeps on playing eminem 'just lose it' its like I've seen it 3 times today already lorx. bleahs..

-energy]]---* [[[kunda--* //]]]ah`di--*\\--* shuwei]]]*nuinai]]---*


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